Serve and conserve today, sustain for tomorrow, and protect our resources forever.
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Vision, Mission and Guiding Principals

Strategic Plan Brochure

Ragged Mountain Resovoir

As part of our region's long term water plan, a new enlarged reservoir at Ragged Mountain is now complete. This Water Supply Plan will meet our long-term water needs, is affordable, is good for our community, and good for our streams.
Please click on this link for a preview of our progress.

Suggestions to Prepare for Seasonal and Unexpected Emergencies

A water emergency can affect the drinking water system or the sewer system and can disrupt your service. While this type of emergency is rare, unplanned events can happen at any time. Below are two links to information and resources that may help you prepare for an emergency.

Click here to learn more about water for emergencies

Click here to learn more about preparing for winter weather

Preventing Water Pollution

Protect our waterways by helping to control what enters the storm drains. Click here to see information being distributed by one of our community partners.

Office hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday – Friday, to reach us by phone please call:  (434) 977-4511

During inclement weather, please call our main number to check for hours of operation.

Outside of operating hours

To report a water leak, sewer stoppage or other emergency in the water/sewer system Please call our 24 hour toll free number at: 1-888-252-3468